FESTS // SXSW Tour & Photo Diary // Day 2

Day two of SXSW and my brain is already crashing.

Who knew attending party after party was going to be so much work.

SXSW art felicis

Brenmar and Tasha the Amazon – DOTS x VICE Play Beautifully at The Mohawk

SXSW tasha the amazon

A somewhat less Vice-esque crowd than what I’m used to seeing is swanning around the Mohawk. This is probably because of the ridiculous multitude of other shows happening at the moment. It kind of seems like everyone is standing around waiting for Ryan Hemsworth to jump on stage and just as I


  1. Great photos and details, thanks for this. And you’re right, Austin is very unusual for having so many venues right next to each other, I think it makes for a special kind of dynamic. Alas I have never been to SXSW (and frankly, standing in line is indeed un-fun) but I still treasure the Rolling Stones t-shirt I found in the Travis River in 2008, and my guitar that I bought there in 2005, omfg that’s a long time ago. Austin is a cool place. I look forward to your next update.

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