FESTS // SXSW Tour & Photo Diary // Day 6

SXSW’s final day came and went.

I don’t know whether it was more bitter or sweet.

Lines are an economical essential. In Australia, we have the famous Splendour in the Line, but it really ain’t got nothing on South by South Line. It’s supply and demand. While I feel like I’ve spent more time lining up outside of venues than actually in venues, the hope is that whatever you’re lining up for is going to be worth it. And for the most part, it has been. As mentioned before, SXSW brings the cream of each country’s crop out to play. Quality is sky-high and there really is a buzzing atmosphere.

In saying that, our festival couch game is definitely stronger.


24hrs, Smokepurpp, Xavier Wulf, Denzel Curry – All Def x HAM on Everything at The Main

SXSW 24hrs

SXSW 24hrs

SXSW Smokepurpp

SXSW Smokepurpp

SXSW all def

SXSW All Def

I witnessed so much ridiculousness at this event, which can be summed up by a little Asian girl aggressively jumping on stage during 24hrs’ set to rain dollar bills onto the crowd.

Gurr – Old Flame Records showcase at Swan Dive


Berlin girls Gurr drew a solid crowd, including some very enthusiastic dancers at the front. Check them out if you like the sound of their self-described genre “first wave gurrrlcore”.

Chrome Sparks – Road to Euphoria showcase at Empire

SXSW Chrome Sparks

The crowd didn’t seem to know how to dance to Chrome Sparks, but the man himself did enough thrashing around to make up for it.

At this stage of the night, I simply had to make a quick pit stop at the Viceland bus to generously help myself to free drinks.

Noga Erez – Barracuda

This girl makes some trippy sounds, harnessing trap elements and singing over the top of the beats. Chrome Sparks may be a well-known producer, but Noga Erez’ tracks are much more interesting. It’s great when the lesser-known artists hoping to be discovered actually do outshine their competition.

Lil Yachty – ICM Partners showcase at The Mohawk

This was essentially a party with Lil Yachty and his huge crew. It’s Lil Yachty’s moment in the light right now and he knows it.

Diet Cig – Showcase at Barracuda 

Diet Cig finished off my SXSW with a gorgeous set featuring the duo running around the stage and lead singer Alex Luciano performing lazily impressive high kicks while playing the guitar. It was relaxed vibes all around and I daresay the artists (as well as everyone else involved in putting the festival together) were all happy to see the end of a long week.



SXSW has sprinkled some strong fertiliser on my ever-growing love for live music, and I’m sure it’s done much the same to most other attendees. I’ll let Zane Lowe tell it like it is, “I’ve met people who don’t like music. Chances are their parents are dicks.”

PS. Thanks to the wonderful intern of art felicis, without whom would have made SXSW near impossible and much less enjoyable.

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