REVIEW // Meg Mac – Low Blows

Meg Mac’s powerful pipes are back with ‘Low Blows’, the first single from her eponymous debut album.

The first time I heard Meg Mac perform, I remember standing there, mouth agape. The strength in her voice was palpable, but it also felt deeply intimate and raw. I’m not usually one to compare artists but she’s kind of like Australia’s version of Adele, with a blues-ier twist.

‘Low Blows’ is a stunning single. The initial demo was written in her Melbourne bedroom with just vocals and the piano, but the track was polished off in Fort Worth, Texas at a vintage-style recording studio called Niles City Sound, where she ended up recording her entire album (and the accompanying video for this track). Though the single has more of a pop feel than her earlier stuff, it’s still fairly pared back with just the piano, drums and tambourine layered throughout.

“The song is about wanting to stand up for myself,” Meg Mac said. “I don’t say much, especially when I need to. It’s about being uncomfortable and all the things that go along with that – allowing people to get the better of me.” Apparently the singer tends to shy away from conflict. Sometimes that a good thing (shitty drama is draining amirite?), but sometimes you need to speak up. If someone is walking all over you, you should probably push them the fuck off. Metaphorically though because we don’t condone violence. Unless someone is actually walking on top of you, in which case you should push them off before they crack your ribs or something.

We’re pretty excited for her debut album this year, although there’s no official release date yet. Meg Mac wanted to keep that “realness” quality to the album, with some songs recorded in one entire take – mistakes included. She wanted it to feel like listeners were just chilling at her house while she played her songs.

Meg Mac is on the bill for Splendour in the Grass, so we’ll try our best to conjure that image while she plays for masses of people. See you there?


Based in: Melbourne, Australia.
Upcoming album: Low Blows,
out later this year. We have a feeling she’ll drop it right before Splendour in July.
Sounds like:
Adele, Tash Sultana, Ngaiire.
Say what?
Meg Mac has a lucky scarf and since buying it, she’s pretty sure she’s never done a show without it. It’s a silk, black neck scarf with white stars (see 1:43 in her vid).

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