REVIEW // Fazerdaze – Morningside

Her story section on Facebook, “Girl in bedroom on guitar”, implies that Fazderdaze is nothing game changing.

But this 24-year old solo artist has delivered an album that sounds like it could be from a fitted-out four-piece act.

It doesn’t help that Amelia Murray’s chosen artist name of Fazerdaze sounds more likely to title a garage band than a single female artist.

Fazerdaze’s album Morningside is nonetheless very aptly titled. Her music conjures up a crisp and bright dawn, dewy grass and condensation on windows. Or maybe I’m just thinking of how I’d ideally like to listen to her music: warm and in bed. The album actually gets its name from a suburb in New Zealand that Fazerdaze calls home. The whimsy!

Murray creates a lethargic, dreamy sound through her heavy use of muffled vocal effects and lyric repetition. The guitar is used sparingly with a tendency towards higher notes, creating a great deal space and lightness in the album.

There’s an oscillation between mild melancholy and mild optimism in her music, sung through the barely audible vocals and with simple lyrics. She’s “always the last one to fall asleep” but she knows “I’m a lucky girl”.

While most of her songs are generally mellow with their own personality, the album ebbs and flows, reaching a climax at ‘Friends’. Morningside is book-ended by the first track ‘Last to Sleep’ and the last track ‘Bedroom Talk’. She is totally dedicated to this bedtime theme.

Like many talents before her and many talents sure to come, Fazerdaze was part of the Red Bull Music Academy in Montréal at the end of 2016 so this past year has shaped up nicely for her. Get under your covers and turn this one up.


Based in: Auckland, New Zealand.
Sounds like: Totally Mild, The Ocean Party, Teeth & Tongue
Say what? The beginning and ending of ‘Bedroom Talks’ is a recording of a cricket that Fazerdaze found in her garden.

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