REVIEW // Allday – Speeding

When did Allday get so dark?

Allday to Allnight.

Sometimes you get tired of hearing New York rappers endlessly lamenting Brooklyn and the Empire State and West Coast rappers boasting about how great California is. Sometimes you want to hear something a little closer to home. Enter Allday: North Melbourne girls go crazy.

He’s no longer the adorable rapper with long blonde hair we knew back in his ‘So Good‘ days. Allday has definitely come of age in Speeding. Don’t worry though, the blonde locks seem to be here to stay.

Allday has always had this introspective aesthetic to his music, but Speeding feels much more melancholic than Startup Cult. It still has the familiar themes of drinking, drugs, girls, rollies and parties, because what 20-something’s album doesn’t have these days. Of the album, Allday states that, “Speeding is a deliberately vague chronicle of a difficult time in my life.”

Has he been ahead of hip hop trends this whole time? What differentiates this album from his back catalogue and many other Australian hip hop artists is its surprising similarity to modern American hip hop, sharing elements with the current generation of rappers like Lil Yachty, Lil Durk and Chief Keef. Listen closely, it’s in the mono-tonal, drawling, couldn’t-care-less intonations, stripped-back music and drum rolls. The difference is the localised content and the balance between rapping and singing that Allday strikes so well.

‘In Motion’ stands out from the album due to Japanese Wallpaper’s quaint production touches. And with lyrics like “Watching your pupils expand like a chia seed”, we know it’s still our favourite millennial rapper from the Australian ‘burbs.

I’ll leave the last line for Allday: “May I never again take 3 years to release an album.”


Based in: Los Angeles, US via Melbourne, Australia via Adelaide, Australia.
Sounds like: Tuka, Jackie Onassis, One Day.
Say what? Allday dropped out of art school for music and lived off stolen microwave rice sachets before his cult following gathered steam.


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