REVIEW // The Killers – The Man

The Killers’ latest foray into disco is exactly as you think it’d sound, and as great as you hoped it might be.

Is 2017 shaping up to be the year that my favourite bands and artists decide to drop new material?

The Killers

Lorde‘s recently come out with her new album (so-so), HAIM are slated for their second LP (very promising), and now The Killers are making their return to their scene. If CHVRCHES and Sky Ferreira have any plans to return to the scene…please hurry.

And if all those artists come out with tracks as good as this one, then we’re in for a good year indeed. ‘The Man’ is an awesomely funky and tongue-in-cheek throwback to 70s disco, and it’s a natural enough progression too. With much of their signature sound drawn from the likes of the Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode, it seems natural that they’d take things back to the previous decade – where music was as well defined by its catchiness as its swagger and spectacle.

The song is a glorious send up of traditional notions of masculinity, while also still managing sounding exactly like the sort of song that would celebrate unfiltered machismo. Yet together, it works a treat. Frontman Brandon Flowers continues to throw up questions of just how much influence the other members even have in this band’s creative process, but it’s honestly forgivable when their output has always maintained a very clear and focus vision.

This is certainly owed to Flowers himself, whose previous solo ventures (Flamingo and The Desired Effect) put his natural affinity for pop on full notice. It was decidedly though not entirely removed from the alternative rock stylings of The Killers, yet this song brings those two worlds together in marvellous fashion. And while the authenticity of Flowers’ rock frontman image has always been somewhat undercut by his drug-and-alcohol free religiously devout life, it’s hard not to imagine him hamming it up on stage to this song in classic glam rock fashion.

“I don’t give a damn”, croons Flowers, and you know what? He probably doesn’t. And they’re all the better for it.


Based in: Las Vegas, US.
Sounds like: Shiny disco balls and flared pants.
Say what? So it’s true. The Killers have inexplicably been booked to perform at the AFL Grand Final, once again continuing the the time-honoured trend of the things I love colliding with the things I hate (apologies to people who do like football…actually, refer to that quote from Mr. Flowers).

Over and out, Darren.

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