Meet The Team


Founder + Co-Editor: Jane

Loves: Watching birds sit, getting lit af with the fam, and that type of laughing when it hurts and you can’t breathe. If I could interview anyone: Kanye West because he’s unintentionally hilarious. And Nina Las Vegas because how can one person be that amount of cool? Say what? My favourite animals are sloths and my retiree dream is to become a sloth volunteer in Costa Rica.

Co-Editor: Arianna

Loves: Watching crappy reality and drama shows, eating cheese and dancing in my pyjamas. If I could interview anyone: Tim Gunn or Lisa Eldridge. Say what? I hid a packet of smoked salmon under my mattress when I was little because I didn’t want anyone else to eat it. A week went by and I completely forgot about it. The salmon went off, my room smelt like funky fish and Mummy was not happy.